Biofeedback: Your Surefire Way to Wellness

Stress is every modern man’s enemy. There are now numerous stress relief techniques that can be used to counter this biological foe: yoga, balanced diets, healthy lifestyles, exercise, and now the newest addition to this growing list is—biofeedback. Biofeedback stress relief is the means to gauge the physiological responses of the body. This is also an effective tool to control these body responses in real time.
Biofeedback commonly depends on equipments that measure muscle tension, heart rate, and even brain waves. Therapist and other health workers are the only ones that can operate this machine, be able to explain the readings to the clients, and work with the client towards changes on the latter’s lifestyle. A new possibility has emerged for those that do not have the right knowledge to operate this machine and still want to start biofeedback stress relief. New gadget, called stress relief coach was introduced for easy home use that openned a variety of possibilities for personal biofeedback programme.

Biofeedback works best in controlling people’s stress responses through the implementation of relaxation techniques. Biofeedback techniques include visualization, deep breathing, and deep meditation. These techniques are used to calm the client and to calm his physiological arousal. Most of the benefits from Biofeedback come from the increased relaxation on the person’s body. Also, the relaxation methods that are introduced to the body would soon get rid of the negative health symptoms brought about by chronic stress.

Tiredness, anxiety, tension headaches, general stress, pain, and IBS can be treated with biofeedback stress relief methods. These conditions are reversed as soon as the body learns to adapt and reverse its stress responses.

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